A Snapshot of Instagram

by Leigh on May 3, 2014

Just finished reading this report by Oracle on how brands are using Instagram.

There are quite a few interesting examples as well as an overview of top brands, interesting stats and  examples of Instagram video. With 130MM users, this has clearly become a channel of interest. Enjoy!



Thinking Outside the Bowl

by Leigh on February 1, 2014

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, tomorrow is the Super Bowl. A big day for Denver, a big day for Seattle and a big day for football fans everywhere.

And let’s not forget the advertising community, hoping for another event like the “dunk in the dark” tweet that boosted Oreos.

So if you have an extra $4 million lying around, you can pick up a 30-second spot during the game. That’s right – 30 seconds, not even a full minute.

But if you’re audience isn’t likely to be tuned-in to the Super Bowl, you do have some interesting options. Online media company and community for digital media, Digiday, recommended some other great ways to spend your $4 million in this post.




Creating a Social Media Strategy for Orvis

by Leigh on December 24, 2013

One of my favorite hobbies is flyfishing. I’m a relative newbie, but enjoyed it enough to create a the blog FinFollower to chronicle my adventures.  I also follow some other flyfishing blogs such as Gink and Gasoline. I’ve never met the writers, but they do some good stuff.

Yesterday I was reading an article they wrote on the changing face of Orvis.  Embedded in the article was a link to another great writer, Tom Chandler. Tom had a chance to interview James Hathaway. James helped guide Orvis’ efforts in social media and digital marketing.

It’s a quick read and an interesting article. Here are some of my key takeaways:

  • It was a slow process to get Orvis to buy into the power of social media
  • The culture had to change for the effort to be successful
  • Orvis’ social media content is not brand-centric. Orvisnews.com and podcast are really about flyfishing
  • Social media is still about humanizing your brand and building a community
  • Metrics, including real-time link tracking, are key to guiding content decisions
  • Content is key. You have to “think and act like a media company”

As we finish off 2013 and head into 2014, what would you like to change about your content strategy?

Happy Holidays to All. Here’s to a successful 2014!


Earlier today I read this article on copyblogger, which includes a 7-minute video by industry legend David Ogilvy. In it he extolls the virtues of direct response marketing, describing it as his “first love” and a “secret weapon”. He also admonishes agencies for keeping general advertising and  direct response as separate units.

According to him, no one should be allowed to write general advertising copy until he or she has served an apprenticeship in the world of direct marketing and “tasted blood”.

He said all of this 40 years ago. What a visionary.



Business and Coffee

by Leigh on October 1, 2013

Here’s a site that has a podcast that I’ve started listening to, Business In The Morning.  You’ll hear conversations around sales, marketing, innovation and transformative leadership. Enjoy!


Content Refresher

by Leigh on August 29, 2013

Is your content marketing getting a little stale? Is your content marketing approach getting the results you want? Have a look at this article by Socialmediopolis entitled, 10 Ways to Revitalize Your Content Marketing.


Twitter Power

by Leigh on August 29, 2013

Here’s a great article from one of my favorites, Jeff Bullas. Entitled The 10 Most Important Questions I get Asked About Twitter, it really is a great primer for tips, tricks and strategy for using Twitter. Enjoy!


Amazing Annual Trend Stats

by Leigh on June 10, 2013

Just finished watching Mary Meeker’s rapid-fire presentation at the D11 Conference. Great stats on internet usage, platform, apps, mobile and a host of other topics. Well worth the time. Enjoy!


How to answer “What is strategy?”

by Leigh on June 9, 2013

Just saw read through this informative presentation entitled “What is strategy?” by Marc Sniukas of www.sniukas.com.  At 75 slides, it gives a number of insights and explanations to the essence and purpose of strategy. Plenty of fodder to answer the question “What is strategy?” Enjoy!


The Impact of Color

by Leigh on May 12, 2013

Just finished watching this video by NYU assistant professor Adam Alder on the power of color and its impact on behavior. His first book, Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape Our Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors, is now published and producing some interesting buzz.

In addition to giving some great examples on the impact of color on human behavior, he discusses some other interesting correlations, including the impact of hurricane names on the amount of relief funds raised.

Interesting stuff, with a myriad of applications. Enjoy!